Setting Expectation: In Business

I work with dozens of customers every day.  Each customer contacts me with a pre-conceived set of expectations, and it is my job to ensure that I set appropriate expectations with my customers, for any items related to my task or the outcomes thereof; within reason, and limited to the scope of my job, or what the customer is asking.

Given that the customer is coming to me with questions to determine if they will use our product or service, or just about those products and services, it is incumbent upon me to answer in a way that ensures they will not be led astray, to the degree possible: meaning – if they ask how something works, how it is done, or what it may cost, or how long it may take, etc., I must answer with enough detail and clarity to provide them with a good trajectory into our customer experience process.

If I can do this in a way that is pleasing to them (with zero compromise on truth!), then they are more likely to appreciate our product and service, to provide excellent word of mouth & referral business; and to reciprocally enhance the quality of our business’ reputation, and environment; wholistically, we will grow and thrive.

Know your product and service; deliver this knowledge to your customer in a way that is neither patronizing, nor tedious, and if they go forward, the results will be astounding; both for you, your customers, and your business.

You’ll change the world!

IMG_0340 (1)


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