Am I There Yet?

You’re never there yet, until you’re actually there.

In Randy Alcorn’s book, “Safely Home” (spoiler alert), one of two protagonists asks daily, “Is this the day?” He asks because he faces death daily, and as a Chinese Christian, death and torture are not subtle prospects.

I sometimes have a brief moment when I think I’m “there”, in terms of a supposed achievement, a potentially positive relational success, or something else. When being led towards a common goal or destination by someone else, the “Is this the day?” moment is more prominent in my thinking.

The Chinese Christian in Mr. Alcorn’s novel sees that day, and he is ready. The other protagonist’s journey is somewhat different, but the point here is that the true “I’m there!” moment essentially is only fully realized when the “Is this the day?” moment actually arrives; if you think to yourself excitedly, “I’m there!”, you may not be best orientated to receive good things, and may be less inclined to feel He’ll say “Well done, good and faithful servant.”, on that “Is this the day?” occasion.

May you live to hear that from Him…

That is my firm & heartfelt goal for both of us.


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