Left Behind (2000)

A review I have just written, having re-watched the film, being inspired by the release of the Nicholas Cage version, which I have not yet seen:

This movie starring Kirk Cameron and featuring a great supporting cast, is the absolute best movie I have ever seen.  Nothing past and nothing present has surpassed it in my opinion; not “It’s a Wonderful Life”, which I think is fabulous…nothing.

Why do I say this?  Isn’t this a cheesy, low budget rapture flick designed to make millions and to scare people into submitting to Christ?!  Well, the series did become way too commercial to me, and it did make millions, if not billions.  It may have scared some into submitting their lives to Christ, but what is sure: It is the single best film I have ever seen that depicts an individual coming to Christ after seeing the truth.

Can one be saved after the rapture if they are not one of the 144,000 Jews the Bible talks about?  God only knows.  I sure don’t.  People differ over whether Christ will return before, during, or after the rapture.  One thing I know is that there are likely to be people who read, listen to, and/or watch the Left Behind series, and come to Christ.

With one’s eternal destiny hanging in the balance, we need more movies like Left Behind – both to entertain and inspire in an encouraging & vital way, and to show people that Jesus is real, and that He is coming back to judge the living and the dead; and that He LOVES us.

Won’t you ask Him into your heart and follow after Him?

Brendan Shea



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