Workout Diary 4: Seven Minute Workout!

If you do exercise and you are having issues with finding time to keep fit when time is short, try the following:

Zero to less sweat and quick:

Only 7 minutes:
Use your smartphone/tablet countdown timer, clock, or whatever you have handy
(the countdown timer ends with the chime of your choice and helps eliminate distraction)
Plank: Push-up position held (keep your back flat) for up to 1 minute or more
Squat: Arms parallel to the ground (do not tilt forward or backward)
Crunch: Modify to fit what you can do (This is like a sit up
Push Ups: Modify position to suit your health and ability; do keep your back straight, though
Video Demo push ups: proper technique
Toe touches: modify as you develop the ability
Video Demo toe touches (extreme position here; not needed for beginners!)
Flutter Kicks
Video demo  flutter kicks
Jumping Jacks, one minute; Try lowering arms from overhead to parallel with ground only, instead of lowering to sides; once you get acclimated to exercise
or get crazy, and pick on of these:
Please remember, you can do one rep or 100; the idea is to do what you can, and build on that.  You can use the easiest position, if needed; strength, speed, and endurance will follow.

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