Left Behind – Why I Hope to See This Movie

I watched the original “Left Behind” movie, with Kirk Cameron, in 2001, and was impressed…not by the special effects or the acting – the movie was ultra cheesy, and despite good actors like Kirk Cameron and Clarence Gilyard, it was not “well made”, by Hollywood standards.

But what constitutes a good movie, and what have our jaded hearts been conditioned to feel is quality?  I can watch a TV show today, that has production values that far exceed those of most Christian movies, but I cannot find many films outside of the Christian milieu that shine, inspire, and perhaps redeem & save.

The new Left Behind movie looks to have a bigger budget, and possibly, better direction.  Whatever the case, this is a film depicting life on Earth after the rapture, and as such, is a critical story for those who have not yet accepted Christ, and crucial also, to those believers who are adrift in a sea of indifference, melancholy, apathy, or despair.  For those who are standing firm, this movie may inspire and encourage.

I am excited to see the new version with Nicholas Cage…even if it is cheesy, it is a crucial wake up call.  If someone wrote you an emergency note as they were running out the door, you would not care how well written, neat, or pretty it was; you would only want to know what it said, and you’d be forever grateful if it saved your soul.

Left_Behind_Nicolas_Cage_Movie_1 left-behind-banner


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