Workout Diary 3: Jump-starting your day…

Sometimes it is hard to get your day going, so here are a few tips to help:

  • Set up your coffee to brew the night before; or your favorite drink.  Water is the best for working out.
  • If you have a clock radio, set it to your favorite uplifting and upbeat music or even talk radio!  My station (K-love)
  • Keep your keys in the same place EVERY time.
  • When you roll out of bed, have an outfit ready: sweats, shorts, Nacho Libre type stretchy pants 😉 or whatever works for you.
  • Pull on your clothes, drink your drink, wash up, and:
  • Go out that door, lock it, and walk around the block, run 5 miles, jump rope, go to the park, walk and get the newspaper; walk to the coffee shop; walk around the neighborhood; whatever.

EVERYTHING else comes AFTER this routine (unless you have an emergency)

Note: Have a set route for at least a few weeks.

If something else works better, switch, but once you find the right thing, try to stick with it.

You will find that your day often goes better, and that you have more forward momentum.

photo (7)


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