Workout Diary 1

Struggling with asthma, depression, and diet issues at the age of 45, a friend gave me a free trial membership to a nice, local gym. I went regularly, and really liked it. Sometime later, I purchased an inexpensive membership, and have been going for months.

Before I started working out, I began working from home. Being sedentary, I started to take short walks on my lunch break. When I started on the treadmill at the gym, I walked a 20 minute mile, holding on to the armrests. Over time, I went to running a mile, and now, as I am in training for an event, I run about 3 miles.

I hope that hearing someone with health challenges can get in shape will be an encouragement to others. I still have health issues, but am in much better shape than I was a year ago. I spent very little money in this effort. My primary investment has been time and commitment.

Exercising is largely a matter of focus and mind over matter. There are lots of physical challenges, but mental ones as well. Steel your mind and don’t risk injury, and you’ll do great.

A days growth in a day’s time.



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