Retrospect: Courageous

One of the perils of modern media rests in the propensity of its’ viewers to develop a jaded perspective.  Desiring to see Courageous at its’ release, I read the excellent Randy Alcorn book adaptation, but was unable to view it until some time later.  When I found opportunity to see it, I watched the beginning, feeling the production was just a little low budget due to the “production values”.  Please read on!

I have long treasured such films, because, while they are often made on a shoestring budget, they are the most valuable movies made.  Why?  Clearly, because they promote the truth, and adhere to God’s Word.  Worldly shows and movies can stun, thrill, intrigue, and entertain, and they may inspire, but they often fall short on what the Christian film offers:  Both love and truth.

There are a lot of “secular” movies with Christian themes and inspiration that I enjoy, but Courageous is another in a long line of great movies from the Kendrick brothers, due to its’ relentless pursuit of the truth.  Like the book, Courageous tells the story of a man who realizes he is asleep at the wheel of his marriage when tragedy strikes his family, and how he and his friends, all family men in one capacity or another, commit to steering the lives of their families with unflagging courage, love, and truth.

The movie’s end stunned me, and I had previously read the book.  It did not pull punches, and strengthens you in the conviction that this life is once and done:  If you do not take a firm hold of it, and follow God’s leading, not only will you lose your life, but you will forfeit your ability to positively impact those around you.  I am still reeling from the message, lost any misconceptions as to its’ “quality”, and am ashamed that I would allow myself to be so jaded by the media I routinely watch.

I am guilty of lacking understanding, but Courageous is not.



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