Warriors Edged by 2

The sixth-ranked Golden State Warriors could not maintain a decent field goal or 3 point percentage in the face of a furious defensive effort by the third-ranked Los Angeles Clippers.

Klay Thompson turned in the best offensive performance, and a few other players delivered some key shots; Stephen Curry made a ton of great assists, a few good shots, and one amazing set up for a dunk, but the team foundered before the football-like frenzy of a very physical Clipper team. A commentator remarked during the game that a certain foul call against L.A. would not have been made in the NFL.  This was ironic, since, hey, this is the NBA!

The only thing I wanted to scream out to the players was, “Jump HIGH, and get in their faces, put your hands up and jump HIGH!”.  I am no ball player, but I think, despite their struggle to keep up physically, the Warriors could have blocked or stymied a lot more of the jump shots by L.A.

The fact that the Dubs held them to within 2 points, attests to the quality and dedication of Mark Jackson’s team, but Andrew Bogut’s absence was painful as well.

Here’s hoping we can bounce back for game four!


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