Moneyball Scores!

See Moneyball for a true look at a life in the world of professional sports

Moneyball is a poignant and entertaining look at the inner workings of baseball recruiting, and one man’s quest to vicariously live out his dream.

Brad Pitt plays real-life Oakland Athletics General Manager, Billy Beane-former star baseball recruit, and unhappily divorced father of one.  Beane’s A’s come to the end of a decent season but lose in the first round of the playoffs to the New York Yankees, and the owner will not give Beane the money to retain his three star players.  When Beane goes in search of replacements he can’t afford, he instead meets a young statistical genius, whom he realizes can help him find key players without spending a fortune to do so.

What ensues is a clash with the recruiting staff and manager who feel the strategy that Beane has implemented is doomed to fail.

Moneyball includes strong performances by Pitt; Jonah Hill as stat-master Peter Brand; Philip Seymour Hoffman as manager Art Howe; and Kerris Dorsey as Beane’s talented and sweet daughter Casey, who simply wants to find her way in a difficult situation.

Brief language and mature tones, but mainly a bittersweet tale of the machinations of the professional sports world and one man’s attempt to find his way through it.



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