Gratitude, Irony, and Suspense

Today we went to see Gravity, the new Sandra Bullock Sci-Fi thriller. En route, a large block of lumber spiked off the freeway pavement, and put a bad dent in our older but nice sedan. Thankfully we arrived unscathed at the movie theater, where we sat for a couple of hours, watching Bullock’s and George Clooney’s characters hurtling through space, barely missing death blows from careening debris caused by a mishap. Before the film began, I reflected how the wood beam collided with our car’s hood, rather than the windshield, or our skulls, and I felt God’s watch-care over us. Bullock’s character, Ryan Stone ultimately has a similar experience, but her ordeal throws even a grueling Daniel Craig, James Bond adrenaline rush action sequence into a cocked hat; and the movie was subtle, complex, and thought provoking.  The subject of insurance came up on screen and off, and we arrived home safe and thankful in our Saturn…



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