A Compendium of Children’s Fiction

Episode 1

One if by Sweden, and one in Berlin:

Bill Bergsen, Master Detective

This fondly recalled tale of youthful intrigue was well liked due to the friendships between Bill, his friend Anders, and their object of friendly rivalry, childhood sweetheart, Eva-Lotta. The details of the story have long since faded from memory, but I can faintly recall supporting characters like Sixten, Policeman Bjork, and Commissioner Strand 35 years later.  The protagonists show resourcefulness in overcoming adversity and have a lot of fun in the process. By Astrid Lindgren.

(Out of print/costly but available online)

Emil and the Detectives

Erich Kästner’s classic tale of a boy and his friends’ collective effort to reclaim stolen money is nothing short of pleasurable. Emil goes traveling on a train, and later embarks on a quest for justice! His adventure is a lot of fun, as he and his friends demonstrate the value of teamwork, friendship, and camaraderie. Be sure to get the right edition: If you are an adult reader, an older edition will contain original names and classic language (not difficult to read), but if you are a young American, the modern language may not seem out of place.

(Available online)



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