You were once alive, once filled with joyful expectation. You saw life as a great frontier, an adventure, a journey of the most pleasant kind…You feared nothing until the day your innocence was robbed from you… Until the evil crept in through the side door of opportunity and took what was sacred… You were too young to understand, too naive to interpret the magnitude of what was lost. You were unable to discern that what was taken from you was your courage and passion to believe the impossible. Wounded you have built a prison fortress with the bricks of pain, insecurity and pride and you have robbed the world of what is most sacred to it, you! Are you willing to believe again? To Trust the that Father Loves you with a passionate and never ending love? For love produces courage and courage passion and passion the fulfillment of the impossible! Open the doors of the prison of your heart and permit His love to make you free. 


he drew a line in the sand


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