Freedom from Pornography: A Gift and a Work

Exposed to pornography at an early age, I struggled with it for many years. When I hit rock bottom too many times, I made some conscious decisions to help myself get out of it once and for all.

The lure of porn is a terrible one for men, because we are visually oriented; and the world darkly obliges our eyes with all we need to stumble and fall at a moment’s notice, but it is all fake. When we come to Christ, we realize the depth of our sin and try to escape; but without being responsible to meet our own needs in a real and legitimate way, it may not be possible to find an effective and lasting escape.

Is the ability to live a life of freedom and appropriate pleasure a gift from God? Certainly! (See James 1:17) But freedom from porn and other addictions requires specific steps from man.  The ability to see your situation clearly, find the correct steps, and carry them out, results from God’s gracious gift.  This is much like the the relationship between faith and works:

  • The realization that we must change radically, to find a way out of the cycle of addiction.
  • The decision to move forward with well laid plans for meeting our needs in an edifying and legitimate way.
  • Being committed to following through with all of the planned actions consistently and thoroughly, to their completion or fruition.

Winning the battle against pornography is possible; but you must realize you are in a battle, want to win it, figure out how to do so, and then follow through relentlessly.


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