Dealing with Mild Scalp or Facial Skin Flaking

If you struggle with mild dandruff, flaky scalp or facial flaking, these basic tips may help in conjunction with a doctor’s care:


  • Wash hair regularly with a good medicated soap such as Dermarest, (which contains zinc) interspersed with regular shampoos, to maintain healthy hair.
  • Try Kenra, a great dandruff shampoo, that is mild and effective.
  • Test shampoos with selenium sulfide, which is sometimes effective for those who are not helped by the zinc in some other scalp aiding shampoos; however, it does have a somewhat unpleasant odor, so use sparingly and only when needed.
  • When washing, use lukewarm water so as to not further irritate red or itchy scalp.
  • Do not blast your scalp with a high pressure shower, as this may also irritate scalp.
  • Avoid scratching scalp at all costs, and do not scrape scales off of skin!  There are some anti-itch scalp creams online, but I have not tried them as my scalp does not itch much anymore.
  • Here are three more links to help with psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and itchy scalp.
  • Note: Many hair salons recommend shampoo with mint.  Mint seems to be a drying agent, so if your hair is dry, you may want to avoid too much mint in your hair treatment.


  • Wash face gently with a clean, warm, wet washcloth and good mild soap, at least once daily.
  • Do not scratch or scrape flakes.
  • Use an ointment such as Fluocinonide, a corticosteroid, when a mild facial flaking flares up.
  • Do not treat when facial skin is red or irritated.
  • Follow later in the day with a gentle warm face-washing.
  • Do not shave over irritated areas.  Wash and wait for problem to abate.
  • Shaving regularly when skin is not irritated can prevent flare-up of flaking and redness.


  • Avoid irritant foods:  Some foods may cause skin irritation.  I find that too much saturated fat and salt may cause skin irritation to flare up, but am not completely certain of this.
  • Ask your doctor to test you for food allergies to see if you can help the problem by modifying your diet.


  • I know that excessive stress will bring on skin redness and flaking for me.  If you find this is true for you, get extra rest, pray, exercise or do whatever healthy practice that reduces your stress level.

When I follow this basic regimen, my skin stays fairly clear and healthy.  I hope these steps will be a help to you as well!



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