Book Recommends

Here is an eclectic mix of some books I have enjoyed for your consideration:

Deadline/Dominion/Deception a trilogy by Randy Alcorn

Follows three characters through three redemptive mysteries that also provide an eternal perspective. Filled with rich characters, humor, some darkness, but a lot of love and truth.  A sobering, suspenseful and fun read.

The Cross Examination of Jesus Christ and the Cross Examination of Oliver Finney; a dual edition by Randy Singer

First, we view Jesus’ mock trial and witness his scourging and crucifixion through the eyes of Pilate’s assessore, a legal advocate who assists the procurator. Next we follow Christian Judge Oliver Finney as he participates in a reality show on a desert island to determine what faith is true amongst its terminally ill contestants;  a sort of “Survivor” of religions, with several somewhat complex  characters. It is a mystery with great campy humor, pathos, friendship, cryptography and an interesting finish; the two volumes are cleverly linked…

Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand

The Classic French tale of a fierce nonconformist Gascon soldier, poet and romantic with an enormous nose, only surpassed in magnitude by his nobility and by his great love for Madeline Robin better known as Roxane, who is smitten with the handsome Christian de Neuvillette.  Replete with swordplay, humor, and sometime unrequited love, Cyrano’ is a rich and timeless tale to enjoy in print as well as on stage & screen.

Wild at Heart by John Eldridge

The author states that many Christian men are too tame, demonstrates how there is little wild frontier in their daily lives, and talks about troubled youth and crushed dreams. A valuable and encouraging read for many.

Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer

A very nice, hard-cover, cloth-bound book with an antique feel and appearance. It is filled with helpful sales tips, get off your duff prompts, and truly free assistance from the author’s website that naturally links to premium services as well. Practical and enjoyable. A good basic tool for the salesperson’s arsenal.

How Sweet the Sound by the late George Beverly Shea et al

Shea’s colorful, inspiring and fascinating vignettes about famous hymns he loved, their amazing impact, his experience with their composers/performers and their history. A great volume to leaf through and glean from.  A book for all seasons.
(Available through Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

The Soul of C.S. Lewis by W. Martindale, J. Root and L. Washington

From twenty-six of Lewis’ works, famed and obscure, we gain better knowledge of the man and his spiritual insights. Organized by study of each volume, and could double as a devotional. A treasured book.



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