Retrospect: Captain America Triumphs!

Summer Blockbuster Movie Scores In The Style Of Comic Book Serials

Chris Evans (Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm) plays Steve Rogers, a scrawny kid from Brooklyn, who wants nothing more than to serve his country against the Nazi’s.  Enter (Stanley Tucci’s) Dr. Abraham Erskine, who offers Steve a super serum to transcend his 4F status as Captain America and do battle with Nazi Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) after a brief interlude selling war bonds.

Schmidt becomes the Red Skull, and forms HYDRA, mortally locked against allied forces with the fate of the world in the balance!

Featuring the lovely Hayley Atwell, as Rogers’ feisty love interest Peggy Carter; Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel Phillips-Rogers’ begrudging supporter; Sebastian Stan as sidekick Bucky Barnes, and a host of great supporting character actors.

Hit Fix calls it, “…one of the finest movies yet from Marvel Studios.” Watch for the appearance of an Avengers’ predecessor, some campy dialogue, a 1940’s movie serial feel, and a lot of great action scenes!

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