Retrospect: San Francisco 49ers Strike Gold!

With a possible playoff berth and a shot at New England, here’s a brief look back at Harbaugh’s early ‘Niners in the Fall of 2011-

With Jim Harbaugh at the helm, it looks as though the 49ers may have sound leadership to propel them to a better future:

The first half of the Niners-Seahawks game was a great defensive performance from San Francisco, which held Seattle scoreless in the first half.  The offense also delivered 3 field goals and a touchdown under Alex Smith; and with the capable aid of Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, and Ted Ginn Jr., to name three key players.

In the third quarter, Vernon Davis missed a long bomb after Seattle scored, so the 49ers had to punt, but the Seahawks couldn’t convert.

Still, though, the 49ers weren’t gaining anything with Seattle’s defense now revving up.

Later in the fourth quarter, the Seahawks’ kicker made a thirty-nine yard field goal and the Niners parried with a great catch by Joshua Morgan and a 1st down by Frank Gore.  Then Hunter got to the four, and after a ‘roughing the kicker’ call gave them another four downs, they scored a “second” field goal to make it a two score game.

After this embarrassing advance, Seahawks’ wideout Doug Baldwin caught an excellent pass from their QB Tarvaris Jackson for a Seahawks TD.

Seconds later, though, just when you thought the flummoxed 49ers had lost their grip, Ginn ran a 102 yard kick return for a touchdown to make it 26-17.

The Forty Niners scored yet again, and went on to soundly defeat the Seahawks 33-17.

Dozens of American flags whipped in the wind off San Francisco Bay in the parking lots of sold-out Candlestick Park before the game on the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11. Flags inside flew at half-staff and many of the 69,732 fans sported red, white and blue, reported FOX’s KTVU.

Harbaugh had prepared, and he credited his players.  Fans were doubtless overjoyed, and took heart that their team is being revived.


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