Retrospect: This Movie is Unstoppable!

Unstoppable combines good action with likable characters.

Unstoppable opened in theaters November 12th, and after one week into release, Variety had rated it #2 at the box office.  I watched this action packed picture recently, in a fairly full house, and was well entertained.

The story, based on true events, centers around two men trying to stop a runaway train loaded with combustible toxins from causing mayhem as they contend with adversity in their personal lives.  Denzel Washington is Frank Barnes, an older engineer who has gripes about young union conductor Will Colson (Star Trek’s Chris Pine), who is accused of benefiting from nepotism.  The great supporting cast is led by Eagle Eye‘ actress Rosario Dawson, who plays Connie, a capable and attractive woman who manages the train yard where the locomotive originated.

The movie is set in Pennsylvania, though the event actually took place in Ohio, says  Brandchannel‘s Abe Sauer; and features some heart-stopping moments including one where a man dangles from a locomotive coupling.  Our heroes (and heroine) join forces to oppose one Mr. Galvin (Transformers Kevin Dunn), the rail company’s VP, who is unwilling to accept strategy from those in the trenches.

Unstoppable is not deep, but offers a fun, action packed, somewhat realistic look at how a small group of ordinary people put their lives on the line to save others.



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