Last Season on NCIS…

NCIS: Engaged (Spoiler Alert)

After a marine transport plane carrying six slain marines crashes, Gibbs and the team investigate the disappearance of a marine in Afghanistan. Lieutenant Gabriela Flores’ body is not among those recovered from the crash, so Gibbs and Ziva fly to Afghanistan to try and find her, while Chaplain, Lieutenant Commander Burke (Darby Stanchfield) comforts Flores’ father, and discovers DiNozzo’s secret fear: children.

It is briefly thought previously that Flores’ boyfriend, construction magnate Justin Fanniker (Dylan Bruce) was involved in her disappearance, but he is cleared by the team early on.

With Abby’s help, the team learn that a teacher who worked with Flores, helping Afghani girls with their education, was actually using them to gain information to carry out a terrorist plot.

During the investigation, and while Gibbs and Ziva are in Afghanistan, Gibbs is troubled by the memory of a female Marine corporal he befriended at boot camp.  The episode is peppered with a series of flashbacks recounting their relationship.  The young Leroy Jethro Gibbs is well played by Mark Harmon’s son, Sean.

Returning to the main plot, It transpires that Flores may have survived the attack, as the two Afghani girls are found, having been cruelly tortured and give the impression that Flores persevered.

Gibbs and Ziva join Flores commanding officer in an assault on the terrorists hideout, the C.O. Marine Captain Craig Quincy (LaMonica Garrett)  is tragically killed, but Flores is rescued.  The teacher is captured and brought back to the ‘States, where her younger brother, part of the terrorist plot, has been captured and is interrogated by Gibbs.

Through a clever trick, the team discovers that an older brother has survived and tracks him down to prevent the bombing of a school bus.

In all their work apprehending the terrorists, the team show the three killers that those who fight for life are superior in strength, intelligence, and in mercy.

Gibbs, saddened by the memory that his young corporal lady friend was killed years prior in Okinawa, is pressed by Director Vance to take some time off to ‘do what he does and have some fun’.  Gibbs looks at him and says, “This is what I do.  This  is fun.”

Finally, DiNozzo is led by the chaplain to a classroom of rambunctious children where he ventures forth to overcome his phobia.

“Everyone involved brought their ‘A Game’ to this one, and I can’t thank them enough”, writes Executive Producer Gary Glasberg.

With Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, and a great supporting cast!


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