Practical Tips To Make Weight Loss Easier


Want to lose weight, but can’t seem to make the necessary changes?

Here are a few easy tips to help:

  • Are you wanting physical food, spiritual food, emotional food, relational food, or intellectual food?  Discovering what type of food you are currently needing will not only help you lose weight and feel better, it will improve your whole life.
  • Pay attention to your stomach…Is it really in need of food, or would you be causing yourself discomfort by eating now?
  • Reduce intake of certain foods that you normally have if you are not as hungry or if you are not going to be as physically active.  For example, if you normally have a sandwich, fruit and crackers, cut up a slice of cheese and a slice of lunch meat and have them with the crackers and fruit.
  • Try drinking a glass of water and waiting 20 minutes to see if you are really hungry, or eat a few crackers or tortilla chips.
  • Take a walk around the block to get your metabolism and your heart rate up.
  • Call a friend or work on a hobby or work project.
  • Spend time with a friend or spouse doing something fun that centers on more than just a meal, such as walking or hiking.
  • Make the dinner meal light, such as having a protein and a vegetable.  Save big pasta or risotto dishes for occasional nights out.
  • Instead of a soda, try a diet soda.  To be healthier, substitute sparkling water (with juice if too boring), or just drink more water.
  • Do a few push ups or sit ups at home on a regular basis.
  • Take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, or if you are at a shopping center and are going to multiple stores, park the car once and walk to each store if you do not have too much to carry.
  • Eat more salads or soups depending on the weather.

These are just a few inexpensive ways to easily lose some unwanted pounds, improve your health and brighten your outlook.  I went from 222 lbs to 178 lbs in 2 years without being miserable.  If fact I feel much better.  I hope you will take what works for you and have the same success or better!



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